Saturday, October 3, 2015

note to myself about makeup tricks

1 - The Beauty Department recommends applying foundation with downward strokes, rather than upward strokes. By brushing down, you help hide the peach fuzz on your cheeks.

2 - Harper’s Bazaar recommends applying foundation first and concealer second. If you do this, you’ll find that you need to use less concealer.

3 - After you’ve applied lip color, Lauren Conrad suggests covering your lips with light paper and powdering over the paper. A light sprinkle of powder will come through the paper, locking the color in.

4 - To instantly lift your eyes, The Beauty Department recommends drawing an arch above your eyebrow with a highlighter and then lightly blending it in.

5 - To make your eyelashes look more full and voluptuous, Top Inspired suggests dusting your eyelashes with baby powder before applying mascara.

6 - Makeup Geek suggests highlighting the inner and outer corners of your eye. This technique is flattering for most eye shapes.

7 - Her Campus recommends using white eyeliner rather than black. This will make your eyes look wider and brighter.

8 - Cosmopolitan points out that you can turn your regular eyeshadow into a glossy shadow by adding lip balm as a top layer.

9 - For winged eyeliner: Place your pen at the outermost part of your nostril, then angle it upwards to meet the outer edge of your eye. Lower the tip of your liner where it lands and draw down toward your lash line.

10 - For a cheaper alternative to makeup brushes: Use paint brushes as makeup brushes. Many paint brushes are shaped similar to makeup brushes, and many companies (like Royal & Langnickel) make makeup brushes in addition to paint brushes. Lots of craft stores have weekly coupons you can use to lower the price, and the brushes themselves go on sale constantly. It’s a great way to get some good brushes at a more reasonable price point.

11 - For girls with glasses:If you wear glasses, use a colored eyeliner on your lower lash line and black on the top. It makes your eyes really stand out from behind your frames! 
12 - To make your eyelashes grow: Before you go to bed, put Vaseline on your eyelashes. It’ll help them grow and make them look great! 

13 - Put on your foundation AFTER doing your eye makeup. Especially if you’re doing winged liner. This way, you can erase all your mistakes until it’s perfect! It also allows you to wipe off any eye shadow that fell under your eyes. 

14 - Put your makeup on in front of a close-up mirror with natural light. This way, you can see what it really looks like. 
15 - Use bronzer in the shape of the number “3” along the side of your face. With the top of the 3 at your hair line, the bottom at your jaw line, and the middle part just under your cheekbones. This is the easiest way of thinking of contouring. 

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