Wednesday, March 11, 2015

February book - My cousin review

So here comes my review from The Night Circus.
First, let me say that I was expecting the book to jump much more in time. Back, forth, back, forth. Instead, I found the story quite chronologically ordered. They are 2 stories actually: Celia and Marco's story and Baley's story. What surprised me is that we follow them until they are 35 or something, usually the action develops much sooner, it was new for me. I like new things. wink emoticon
I don't dislike slow beginnings either. I find them harder to read but as long as I get a satisfactory amount of emotional development later, I'm open to such stories. There was a moment, which I think everyone felt, the story seemed to slow to a crawl and that there'd be no action at all. Suddenly we get the first Bailey chapter and his meeting with Poppet, which felt like an intake of fresh air. A much needed respire. 5 points to the author for that strategic placement.
Also, I got the feeling that the focus of this book was neither the romance between those two couples, nor in the challenge between the two teachers. It was Le Cirque des Rêves. I loved that at the beginning of each part we get to explore the Circus ourselves, not through the eyes of the characters.
I truly felt like I was there, inside those black and white tents, admiring all those incredible and impossible feats of engineering and magic. The book is about the Circus. But what is the Circus?
It is not just a venue like the teachers so often insist. It has a life of itself, its vital energy being each and every character that helped to its creation. Tsukiko says it herself at the end, that the circus would simply cease to exist once the challenge was over. When Tara and Herr Thiessen died, they were the "cracks in the castle", meaning that the Circus could only exist with everyone.
I read this book twice. There are lots of hints and suggestions of things later confirmed by characters, to which I was completely oblivious on my first read. For example: no one ages; no one gets harmed; I thought Isobel was Celia until Celia's audition; the truth of the ending to their challenge, etc..
I already posted some of my favorite quotes from the book earlier, but I couldn't put my number one quote because it'd have been a spoiler. Now, enough time has passed for everyone to read so I'll finish with Marco's words:
"ALONE IN HIS FLAT, Marco constructs tiny rooms from scraps of paper. Hallways and doors crafted from pages of books and bits of blueprints, pieces of wallpaper and fragments of letters.
He composes chambers that lead into others that Celia has created. Stairs that wind around her halls.
Leaving spaces open for her to respond."
If I could only enter one tent, it'd be the one they created together.

February book my opinion

So! my opinion about February book. The book was a little confused for me and sometimes i thought of giving up my read. when I first read the story of Bailey and red hair girl
i started to get enchanted by the book again.
the jump of dates and cities confused me and definitily this is not the kind of book I enjoy reading. Without doubt! I BELIEVE that the guardians have created this contest for what seems to be nothing but their own sense of power, and they are ruthless in seeing it through to the end: And i hate that! Really! The way Celia’s father over and over again slices her fingers so she can “learn” to heal them with her mind, and breaks her wrist when she’s not being quite magic enough. It was a good read but i don´t think it's one of my favourite books! At all! It was a barbaric the way that the kids evolve. The love story between Celia and Marco was adorable! I have a favorite part in the book:
"Marco watches her approach, confused at first but then the confusion is replaced by something else entirely.
He could tell from across the room that she was lovely, but when she is near enough to look him in the eyes the loveliness—the shape of her face, the contrast of her hair against her skin—evolves into something more.
She is radiant. For a moment, while they look at each other, he cannot remember what he is meant tobe doing, or why she is handing him a piece of paper with the number twenty-three written on it in his own handwriting."
Despite not having appreciated the book it was a good read and I was happy to read it. I loved the idea of the story itself, despite the book's confusion. Let's read March book!

The Importance of Reading and Imagination

The Importance of Reading and Imagination
Reading is an essential stimulus for the imagination. I think children should be taught from an early age to have reading habits. Read helps kids, develop their language skills. It also helps them learn how to listen. I don't mean that we should all enjoy it, but I think that it is a stepstone in the development of children. It also improves vocabulary and makes you dream. Reading is important because it improve the mind. The mind is a muscle. It needs workout.
Reading today is how we can discover new things. How we know what 's happening in the world, through newspapers and magazines. A person who knows how to read can educate themselves in any area they are interested in. Internet is a great learning tool which demands the ability to read and understand what is read. We live in an era where we are overwhelmed with information, but reading is the main tool to scrutinize the information that we need. When we read, we can go anywhere in the world! We can be a king, or an adventurer, or a princess, or a magician. It's a sea full of possibilities!
Imagination surround us everywhere. According to the dictionary, it is the ability to form new images and sensations in the mind that are not perceived through senses such as sight, hearing, or others. It also says that it is fundamental to integrate experiences and for the learning process.
Every time we watch television, every time we go shopping, every time we dream, imagination is everywhere. It follows us everywhere we go. It's an important part of early education because it helps children to learn and develop the needed values as society members. Imagination is a very healthy development and don´t interferes with a child’s ability to understand the real world.
I believe that imagination and read are the some of the most important parts of our lives. For me, it is! It influences the way I think and how I see the world. It influences my writing, how i draw and the way I go through problems. And I think it's the same with everyone, some more than others, but with everyone.
Creatives of large companies need it to create the most innovative advertising spots. Politicians definitely need someone with imagination to write their speeches. Writers, to write their books. Producers, to produce their movies. Even a simple trader with a small shop, requires imagination to expose their items in the store.
Imagination and reading are two integral components of humanity that we should value more!