Wednesday, March 11, 2015

February book my opinion

So! my opinion about February book. The book was a little confused for me and sometimes i thought of giving up my read. when I first read the story of Bailey and red hair girl
i started to get enchanted by the book again.
the jump of dates and cities confused me and definitily this is not the kind of book I enjoy reading. Without doubt! I BELIEVE that the guardians have created this contest for what seems to be nothing but their own sense of power, and they are ruthless in seeing it through to the end: And i hate that! Really! The way Celia’s father over and over again slices her fingers so she can “learn” to heal them with her mind, and breaks her wrist when she’s not being quite magic enough. It was a good read but i don´t think it's one of my favourite books! At all! It was a barbaric the way that the kids evolve. The love story between Celia and Marco was adorable! I have a favorite part in the book:
"Marco watches her approach, confused at first but then the confusion is replaced by something else entirely.
He could tell from across the room that she was lovely, but when she is near enough to look him in the eyes the loveliness—the shape of her face, the contrast of her hair against her skin—evolves into something more.
She is radiant. For a moment, while they look at each other, he cannot remember what he is meant tobe doing, or why she is handing him a piece of paper with the number twenty-three written on it in his own handwriting."
Despite not having appreciated the book it was a good read and I was happy to read it. I loved the idea of the story itself, despite the book's confusion. Let's read March book!

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