Sunday, May 17, 2015

Writing exercises

I really wanna share this. i'm writing a book. and the funniest thing is : my story emerged by a random character generator (
I was having problems finding a matter to write about and discovered this amazing generator. so i did it! so.... what I've got was : an aggressive, 19-year-old woman who comes from a wealthy background, lives in a converted barn and tends to be a little paranoid :)
So i had my character but yet .... it was missing something so i garbed a notebook and a pen i went to visit my younger siblings! My brother a wonderful little boy with 7 years old and with a lot of imagination. and my sister, a beautiful young woman who doesn't want to care about anything, age os 15 is hard! I told them about my story and my brother immediately wanted to help, my sister was dragged :)
my brother wanted to choose the characters name. so the 19 years old woman is named Emma Stilton. my sister wanted a romance. So i thought! Fine! I like it! my brother decided that her romantic pair should be named as : Thiago Blocksberg! i was laughing to dead! this names come up from cartoons, but it was fine! :) and so i started my writing!soon i'll publish my book! 

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