Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Today i decided to share some of my own tricks at home! i'm always searching for new ones that can make my life easier as a woman!

 I held all my scarves like that, so that I could always have them in sight, previously i had them in a box in my wardrobe and i rarely used them.

i also have the habit of putting some perfum on them after washed them and before put them on my wardrobe.

i'm a little clumsy and i'm always losing my stuff so i started to bin my pin-bobs like that.

and then i store them in my box for hair acessories1 like that i'll never lost my pin-bobs (Just maybe not)

i like to be organize so i separate my small earrings, rings and other stuff in this amazing box :)

My long earrings i store them like that. this was a old shoes box that i had and i just created this! like that i always know how many earrings i have and i can see all of them! And the best: they don't get entagled!

i don't wear a lot of necklaces, i don't know why, i simple don't but i like to have them like that. earlier this support was to hang cups, And i just gave it a up-grade ;)

Hope you liked and that i was somehow helpfull :)

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