Friday, April 24, 2015

The breeds by Lora Leigh

Well, i must say i'm entirely addicted to this series of books, i've already read most of the books of this collection. I don't actually remember how and when i discovered this author and her amazing collection of books. I really like the way she writes.
The way her stories evolve and off course the romance between the characters! Im truly in love with the romance between all the characters. The story that involves the characters , the beginning of the breeds , the council and all the violence and all the inhuman acts that are portrayed in the books made me want to read more and more. And what fascinated me most was the fact that the story could be true. I mean, the science evolves ever more and more, and human cruelty , unfortunately , too.
I never enjoyed reading series that have many books , but this fascinated me so much that I've read more than twenty . I could never pick a favorite one. I like all of them, one more than others, but i like all of them. This will be kind of the collections that when it ends i'll be broken heart.
I will share the titles I already read:

  • Tempting the Beast”
  • The man within”
  • Elizabeth's Wolf ”
  • Kiss of Heat ”
  • Soul Deep ”
  • The Breed Next Door ”
  • Megan's Mark”
  • Tanner’s Scheme”
  • Wolf's Hope”
  • Jacob's Faith”
  • Aiden's Charity”
  • In a Wolf's Embrace”
  • A Jaguar's Kiss”
  • Mercury's War”
  • Coyote's Mate”
  • Bengal's Heart”
  • Lion's Heat”
  • Styx's Storm”
  • Primal_Kiss ”
  • An Inconvvenient Mate”
  • Rule Breaker”

I loved the love story between Callan and Merinus Maybe because it was the firts book i read. Taber and Roni too, it was quite desperate to read the second book! “The Breed Next Door ” is one of my favourite too, Tarek is quite a man and Lyra is a lioness! “Styx's Storm”, “Bengal's Heart”, “Lion's Heat” and "Rule Breaker" are especial to me because i waited to read them anxiously.

Hope you like the post :)

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