Saturday, February 14, 2015

Me writing

The House

The property seemed melancholy . The wind was light but the trees swayed in a harmonious way . In the distance , the house began to appear. The car moved along the narrow path that led to the gate, passed on and the sun shone giving the house a wonderful air.
She smiled , finally she was going to buy a house . She had seen the property on the internet but at live was much better. The seller stopped the car and both left. The woman followed him faithfully . Around her the atmosphere was splendid, flowers surrounded the house . Flowers of every color and shape . she noticed some yellow roses near the gate and imagined her self smelling them with her little nose. How wonderful! She followed the seller to the door of the house, he was explaining the history of the house and she listened intently . The air was smelling like fresh flowers and she felt inspired immediately ! They went inside the house and she held up her breath . Her brown eyes scanned the house . It was magnificent ! The walls were high , freshly painted white , the smell of paint still lingered . The floor was white tile which would facilitate her life in the matters of cleaning. The windows were made of wood and were recently restored. She felt excited because the previous owner had arranged a few things before decided to sell the property which would make her life easier enough.
The house was only one story and the lobby was great. she looked to her right and saw a metal stairs that lead to a door , the seller explained that was the attic. The doors of the rooms were all open what gave her the impression that the house had good lighting . she looked back to be able to analyze the entry door. It was dark wood . The walls were high and the windows did it justice . They were beautiful , tall that also hinder its cleaning, but still beautiful. she turned again. The seller began introducing the divisions .

In front was the kitchen that was ported to the garden behind the house. The living room and the dining room were together and had also doors toward the side of the house. They entered the room and that was a great divide . She saw two sliding doors placed under a beautiful stone arch that divided the room and the room behind them . The seller opened the door and she immediately thought there would be her library. The division had two huge windows that gave an immense light to the division and a kind of mistic charming . Through the windows she could see a piece of the garden. The room and the library occupied the left side of the house on the other side were the bedrooms. The seller informed her it was three . There was a bathroom between the kitchen and the library. It was not very big but it was reasonable sized. So were the rooms, all of nearly equal size taking the last , next to the kitchen . Had a private bathroom and two closets on the wall that were high to the roof, equaly to the window between them . The woman went there and spent her little hands , on white wooden cabinet . Under the window was a padded mobile two-door and she imagined herself sitting there reading one of her books or looking at the garden. The cabinet doors were made of glass and she would possibly put there some curtains inside, or maybe not. She smiled with all her plans . They go to see the kitchen, which pleased her greatly. It was spacious and the doors to the garden were in good condition , since the porch needed a generous work . The kitchen had in the middle an island , a beautiful solid wood table with two high and round stools to accompany her . It finally went to the attic , the seller went up first and she later. The attic was spacious . Had several windows and the ceiling was high , it could be done there other division . The woman went to the window to look at the garden of the house , she saw a small house , possibly to put away garden tools . The seller said it would give her space and time so she could decide got and down . She thanked .
She ponderer up all the pros and cons of the house. She will have to do some work, especially in the attic stairs , her long legs did not get along with those stairs . she grabbed her blonde hair and tied it into a ponytail . It pleased her that all the furniture in the house were white, and sink bathroom also . There she could relax and write without the hassle of the city, she could even adopt a dog. she had always been insecure and undecided , but she was firm in buying a house , and that one pleased her . It was near town, she would not have to travel far to the publisher or to shop. she could even buy a summer chair and mount it in the garden, in order to tan her clear skin .
She was determined , she would buy the house .

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