Thursday, February 26, 2015

January Book

My opinion of January book:

Well , to begin, I must say I was quite disappointed because I read a short version of the story. But that's okay! Later in November i will also have to study Jane Austen so it does not hurt! I nedd to say that my vision of this story is framed by the 2005 movie, which is one of my favorite movies ever, by the way.
The book and the film are completely different in the movie the director has focused attention on the couple Elizabeth/Darc while the book focuses on Elizabeth.
The view that Jane Austen gives us about marriage is quite common for that time because a woman could only be unravel with a good marriage. And despite i quite dislike Mrs. Bennet and that she have ridiculous statements, she is simply concerned about the financial situation of the daughters and that fact made me not to hate her at all.
I totally hated Lydia and nothing could make me like her. She is foolish and stupid!
I adore Mr. Bennet, although I find him too calm and disinterested, i kinda like his relationship with Elizabeth .
I also liked the relationship between Jane and Elizabeth. I loved the way that Elizabeth hate Mr. Darcy smile emoticon the evolution of their romance throughout the novel made me want to hit the walls! After all their romance is full of pride and prejudice and i just love them!
I also loved Jane/Bingley couple! I mean, o doesn't? Although i think Bingley is quite insecure, when he gives up his marriage to Jane I wanted to hit him with a baseball bat . I mean, seriously? But i also understand his situation , as Cristina said about by Mr.Darcy , a man with fortune has to be careful.
I hated Bingley sisters, especially caroline! I disliked Mr. Collins but i don't hate him at all, i'm just indifferent to him.
I adore Elizabeth she´s a really amazing young Lady that goes against most of the toughts of that Era. Elizabeth Bennet was Jane Austen's favourite heroine: “ i must confess that i think her as a delightful creature as ever appeared in print” - she wrote to her sister Cassandra.
Elizabeth deffenitly rocket against Lady Catherine. Besides Lady Catherine being very rich and an important person i liked the way that Elizabeth stood up for her. I mean in that time it was not normal that a girl of inferior birth talk to a women like Lady Catherine in such a way! I liked the part when she says: “i will make no such promise. You havetottally misunderstood my character if you think i can be persuaded by such threats. I do not know wether your nephew would approve of your interference in his life, but you certainly have no right in mine”
I just imagined a slap into Lady's Catherine face. How amazing, i even dance with this line of Elizabeth.
I liked the part where Mrs.Bingley (Jane) and Mrs.Darcy were living close to each other. My favourite part was when Mr.Darcy propose the second time! I wish i could be Elizabeth!
I felt an overwhelming lack of dialogue . I really wish there had been more dialogue, but enjoyed reading this work of Jane Austen . It was very rewarding for me because I love Classics!
Let's read the February book!

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